Update on the Chulski Family

Current Location: Paris, France

What We Are Celebrating:

This month we are celebrating family visitors and Roxy's birthday (May 5).

Breakthroughs We Need:

Now that Discipleship Training is over, we are looking forward to developing our ministry in Paris. Please pray for vision and opportunities.

Upcoming Travel Plans:

We have many visitors until July. We are planning on visiting Bad Blankenburg, Germany again for the month of July. In August we will be home.

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Update from Ali Morgan

Current Location: Cape Town, South Africa

What I Am Celebrating:

A successful re-entry after deportation! Favor with the government! Half of the money we need to buy a car! Both of the girls graduated from their level 5 school! New friendships!

Breakthroughs I Need:

The rest of the money for our car, more sponsorship for the girls' next levels of education, a creative job for Berta between schools, also, prayer for Mariamo in a time of transition. 

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Update on the Lantz Family

Current Location: USA

What We Are Celebrating:

Jeremy started his new role at Back2Back Ministries! As he begins, his primary is on learning to build relationships within the team. From there Jeremy is excited to lead change and growth through his new role.

Breakthroughs We Need:

Over the past month, we have been taking a break from support raising as we have focused on moving and Jeremy has focused on his new role. This coming month we will also need to work toward completing our support raising so that we are 100% funded as we move forward.

Upcoming Travel Plans:

We are traveling to the Christian Alliance For Orphans Summit in the beginning of May. We are gathering key leaders from our ministry around the world for a leadership day prior to the event, and then we will spend time learning and growing together through the week.

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