City track details

If you are called to a career outside the church, but you also have a passion to help lead God's church, this track is for you! In the City Track, you will be given the opportunity to step into significant areas of leadership within the church, while being encouraged to impact the world through your chosen profession. You will live in community with other interns, work jobs in the city of Grand Rapids, but use your presence in the city to bring the light into the world.

Expectations: The City track include 4 hours of ministry a week, collaboration and development each month along with time devoted to carrying out specific ministry projects that are designed to give you experience, understanding and exposure to the wide array of challenges and opportunities that are a part of growing a healthy church.  You will stretched and you will grow, and you will lead! There will be laughing and and crying and a huge amount of fun. Come ready to serve the body of Christ with your whole heart in preparation for your calling! 

 Cost: $500/month ($850/couple) for rent is the only cost to you! 

Living Situation: A central component of the Launch Program is community living. There is an incredible amount of Spiritual Growth that happens when you are living life transparently alongside other committed believers! You will be living with other interns in apartments or single family homes throughout the community. There are single and double occupancy rooms as well as private apartments for couples. 

There are currently three housing opportunities available:

  • The Anchor House - Located in the heart of the Creston neighborhood in downtown Grand Rapids. The Anchor House allots the residence high accessibility to those in the neighborhood by it's immediate location in Briggs Park, being walking distance to downtown Creston and minutes from downtown GR. This house is ideal for the City Track, as well as for individuals with a passion for community development and outreach.
  • The Launch House - Originally the church parsonage, this house 2 connected apartments and is ideal for couples.
  • TBA - We are currently negotiating the purchase of our 3rd property to allow for the expansion of the Launch Program! Stay Tuned!

Timeline: The Launch Program is a 1 or 2 year internship, which runs from September through August. Interns will have the opportunity to apply for a second year in the Spring. Occasionally there are opportunities for Internships to begin earlier in the year. 

Opportunities to Develop Your Skills in:

-Worship Arts                                         -Preaching           

-Youth Ministry                                      -Creative Arts

-Facilities Management                         -Hospitality

-Administration                                      -Children's Ministry

-Prayer & Intercession                           -Pastoral Care

-Media & Technology                              -Online Presence/Media Development

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