The Launch Program

An Internship Focused on Launching you into your Destiny, and bringing transformation to the City and the Church!

We are now accepting applications for the '17-'18 Internship Year!

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The Church track is for those who feel called into ministry explicitly within a church setting. If you are crazy enough to want to be a Pastor, or Worship Leader, or a Church Administrator etc, we are here to help!  In the Church track, you will live in community along side other interns, you will serve in leadership roles within the church, you will work with staff to develop Christ focused ministry and strategic, focused outreach into the city of Grand Rapids.

At A Glance


20 hours/week

Housing Included

1 Week Missions Trip to Haiti Included

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If you are called to a career outside the church, but you also have a passion to lead within the church, this track is for you! In the City Track, you will have the opportunity to serve and lead within the church, while being encouraged to impact the world through your chosen profession. You will live in community with other interns, work jobs in the city of Grand Rapids, but use your presence in the city to bring the light into the world.

At A Glance

$6000/year/person ($500 a month)

4 hours/month + projects

Housing Included

(1 Week Missions Trip to Haiti Optional)

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Learn More

Watch this video to see more about what the Launch Program is from those who are a part of it! 

The LauncH ProGram

  • Launch

    To Launch a new generation of leaders into our Cities and our Churches, ready to love and serve and work to advance the Kingdom of God.

  • Love

    Jesus told us that the world would  recognize us as his follower because we love one another. The Launch Program will help you to on create vibrant, meaningful relationship, and to become a radical carrier of God's love in the Church, in our Cities, and throughout the World. 

  • Serve

    Service is the language of  true believers and is an import aspect of the Launch Program. You will be challenged to serve one another, to serve the body of Christ, and to serve the surrounding community. This intentional practice develops habits that will  guide your future ministry long after the program's completion.

  • Grow

    The Launch Program will challenge you to grow into a stronger, healthier, and more passionate leader! Community and Opportunity are the primary vehicles that we use to accelerate the development of your skills and character in preparation for your next season.

  • Jon: Internship Leader

    Jon currently serves as the head of the Launch Program along with serving as the senior leader of New Life. He oversees both the City track and the Church track and works to connect interns with the facets of the church where they will serve and create.