Together Jon and Stacy Hazeltine have been involved at New Life for over 30 years and have served in almost every role imaginable. They Love Jesus. They Love each other. They Love their children. They Love the church. They Love Missions. They Love parties. They Love Tory and Allison.

Tory and Allison Seif arrived at New Life with a desire to walkout their commission to love God and love people by serving the church family. Since their arrival they have ministered in different capacities, but are always looking to love and support marriages, families, and individuals as they find and fulfill their own God-given callings. They love God. They love people. They love Jon and Stacy.


Our Pastoral Care Team is composed of men and woman who are trusted ministers of the compassion and wisdom of Christ who have a history of faithful service at New Life, and who are responsible for the spiritual wellbeing of our church family. If you would like someone to pray with you, or to visit you when you are sick, or even if you just need some encouragement, these are the people to call. Contact our Pastoral Care Team here.

Tory Seif

Tom and Sarah Rhein

Maurice and Wanda Yancy

Lonnie Shields

Zack Wilson

Bill and Sue Meyer


Our Business and Finance Team provides wisdom, expertise and oversight to the management of our assets and finances. They are focused on making sure that provision is in place to do all that God has called us to do.

KaLee Dahlin

Tom Rhein

Andrew Weiss

Jon Hazeltine

Zack Wilson