updated 11/18/2020

Dear New Life Family,

Developing Response to COVID-19

As this year has progressed with all of it’s unusual twists and turns, we are continuing to seek God and pursue breakthrough in every way that we can! A lot has changed since the beginning of this pandemic, and our response needs to change as well! 

I’ve outlined a strategy below that reflects our firm belief that we will come through this Together, and we will come through it Stronger, by the grace of God that is continually guiding us! 

Here is what we know about our mission.

We are committed to creating and growing a healthy, vibrant, connected community of believers who support one another and impact the world around them, and we cannot back down from this mission at any cost. 

Here is what we know about Covid 19.

The virus, along with many of the attempts to contain it, has created a very real crisis in our local community. It is wholly a strategy of the enemy that is aimed to produce sickness, death, fear, job loss, social isolation, disconnection, depression and hopelessness. 

Here is how we will respond.

As a a unified body of believers, we are called to combat the work of the enemy in our midst by directly opposing each and every one of his strategies. This is what we are going to do. 

  1. We cannot, and will not cancel in person gatherings indefinitely. Our in-person services are scheduled to continue. The importance of connecting to one another cannot be put aside! (We may still opt to go to “online services only” at some point in the future, but that will be a temporary and time-limited strategy. For example: We are going “online only” from this date, until this date)
  2. We will double down on the strategies that have been most commonly identified to reduce transmission of the virus. (Masks and Social Distancing). 

Social Distancing

The best way for us to manage social distancing is through mutual respect and honor for one another. This means that you should maintain social distancing with anyone who is not in your household unless you are certain that both parties are comfortable with the same level of closeness!  We trust you to manage risk with one another through mutual respect and agreement. Please don’t make assumptions on behalf of other people! All of our greeting teams will be respecting social distancing. 

That being said, Social Distancing will be enforced at the entrance to the building (where temp checks will continue), and the entrance to the sanctuary, and in the masks only section of the sanctuary. These are areas that often create bottlenecks and we want to reduce those as much as possible so that we do not inadvertently stray into other peoples space. These areas will be clearly marked by signs or by stickers on the floor. 


We are asking everyone who is able to wear a mask, to do so in every environment that they are able to wear one without risking their own health, or inhibiting their ability to worship. Anything that hinders us from true worship is not worth the cost! I will personally be wearing a mask unless I am on the platform, or for brief moments during the worship service when I need to catch some extra air! All of our greeters and ministry teams will be wearing masks when they are performing their specific duties. If you are unable, or choose not to wear a mask, then it is incumbent on you to be extra mindful of those who are wearing them and wave from a distance.

We will re-invigorate our online services

I am incredibly proud of the teams that came together to create a solid online service experience. Over the last few weeks, as we have seen cases increase, more people have been utilizing our online service. That said, we plan to create additional engagement in this space that will make it even more vibrant and fulfilling for those who are participating! All of you who are participating online are just as much a part of the body as those who will be at the building. 

We will pray!

Every Sunday  at 8:30am there are people who gather at the church to pray. We invite you to come and lend your strength as we lift up our church and our city for breakthrough! More prayer opportunities will be coming soon! 

Be encouraged church! We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair;  persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed! (2 Cor. 4:8)

We serve a victorious God and we will come through this better than we went in to it! I promise you that. 

In Peace. 

Pastor Jon


If you would like to connect with our pastoral care team, you can reach out to them HERE.


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